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"Honor The Artist"


It's What We Do...

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Queen's Guard Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing independent artists with relentless creative spirits, while maintaining an unwavering focus on the noble mission to HONOR THE ARTIST. Through grant programs, incubators, seminars, and other initiatives QGF seeks to spark, support, and spotlight independent content creators, writers, and single mother artists from across the globe as well as introduce viewing audiences and the entertainment industry to their work. 

     ...How We Get It Done

Queen's Guard Foundation believes in promoting independent artists by cultivating the creative spirit of storytelling. One of the many ways QGF accomplishes this is by providing emergency and production grants to writers and filmmakers in need of monetary assistance that often means the difference between expressing and silencing their voice. This assistance is offered to allow artists and their work an opportunity to not only survive, but to thrive, as they confidently move forward knowing QGF has preserved a seat for them at the table.


Queen's Guard Foundation believes great storytelling is a universal gift given of many languages and cultures, and therefore supports work and storytellers that create with global meaning. QGF proudly champions independent narrative voices that tell stories of social relevance and community impact which engage, entertain, and enlighten the world.

...And Why We Do It
Queen Guard Fpundation Background.jpg

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